Soccer Gigi TV Mikey is the fifteenth episode in the first season of Life in Pieces which was premiered on February 4, 2016.

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Matt is flattered into taking over as Sophia's soccer coach, refuses to field her instead of kids with more talent or less scary parents, as they are the really competitive bickerers, including Jen, but stays as the kids just want victory pizza treats. Headstrong grandma Gigi finally gets another visit from Tyler, by offering him her car, agrees scarily-well with his girlfriend Clementine, and the youths end up missing their concert to drive her around and witness her feisty excesses. Having fallen asleep at the TV repeatedly, Greg starts sneaking out of bed to get proper rest on the coach with Jen, but she objects to the 'intimacy loss'. When Joan hears her impossible cousin Mikey invited himself for another visit in minutes, the family runs for their lives, dishing out endless excuses to avoid any contact, which proves rather painful for Tyler and especially Greg when unable to escape, but John's emotional blackmail results in a campfire picnic.

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  • Greg Grunberg as Mikey
  • Ann Morgan Guilbert as GiGi (credited as Ann Guilbert)
  • Hunter King as Clementine
  • Richie Cottrell as Keifer

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