Season 2
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Episodes 22
Original Channel CBS
Premiere "Annulled Roommate Pill Shower"
Finale "Poison Fire Teats Universe"
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The second season of the family sitcom as Life in Pieces which was premiered on October 27, 2016 and concluded on May 11, 2017 with the consists of 22 episodes.

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No. in Series No. in Season Title Air Date Writer(s) Director
23 1 "Annulled Roommate Pill Shower" October 27, 2016 Justin Adler Jason Winer
  • In "Story One: Moving In", Heather attempts to convince Tyler and Clementine to annul their sudden marriage. Clementine's mother, Mary-Lynn and uncle/de facto father, Spencer with whom Clementine's mother has a bizarrely close relationship, are no help.
  • In "Story Two: Moving Out", after Matt moves in with Colleen, Colleen's obnoxious roommate Dougie challenges Matt to a wrestling match over whether she will move out.
  • In "Story Three: Pill", John is hospitalized with an unusually long-lasting erection after taking erectile medication, unaware that Joan was already regularly crushing one into his smoothies.
  • In "Story Four: Baby Shower", the family must quickly call off a surprise baby shower for Jen after learning that she miscarried.
24 2 "Receptionist Pot Voting Cramp" November 3, 2016 Brad Copeland Alisa Statman
  • In "Story One: Receptionist", Tim's receptionist quits, so Heather, who is just visiting the office, takes over; Tim enjoys it for a day, but is not pleased when Heather decides she wants the job permanently.
  • In "Story Two: Joan's Friend, Herb", Joan is talked into trying marijuana to help with her insomnia.
  • In "Story Three: Voting", Greg, who has never voted in a presidential election, decides he will do so to get Jen off his back, but things change when he sees the line at the polling place is too long.
  • In "Story Four: Cramped", Colleen is taken to the hospital with stomach pains, and it is revealed she hasn't done a "number two" since Matt moved in a week ago.
25 3 "Eyebrow Anonymous Trapped Gem" November 10, 2016 Barbara Adler Chad Lowe
  • In "Story One: Take a Brow", Tim accidentally shaves off part of an eyebrow before an important photo shoot at work, and all attempts to correct the problem just make it worse.
  • In "Story Two: Anonymous", Greg uses his share from the will of Gigi, Joan's recently deceased mother, to make an anonymous donation to his old high school track team, but gets annoyed when the team gives Matt the credit.
  • In "Story Three: Home Sweet Nursing Home", John goes to Gigi's nursing home to pick up her things, and is unable to leave when the employees assume he is a resident.
  • In "Story Four: Gigi in the Sky with Diamonds", Joan fulfills Gigi's dying wish to have her ashes made into a gemstone, but finds she cannot wear the finished jewelry without hearing her mother's nagging voice.
26 4 "Cheap Promotion Flying Birthday" November 17, 2016 Dave Jeser and Matt Silverstein Alex Reid
  • In "Story One: Colleen Returns", Colleen gets Matt interested in her frugal habits, including returning old items for a refund and shopping at dollar stores, when he finds out how much saving money turns her on.
  • In "Story Two: Hughes the Boss", Tim wants to fire Heather from the receptionist position at the office, but manages to promote her instead, before having Matilda of the HR department fire her.
  • In "Story Three: Take Me to the Pilot", John tries to ease Sophia's fear of flying by tricking her into taking ride in his single-engine plane.
  • In "Story Four: Lark's First Birthday", Jen plans a small first birthday party for Lark before deciding it should be a bigger deal and inviting the whole family over at the last minute.
27 5 "Dinner Professor Steps Lesbian" November 24, 2016 Maggie Mull John Riggi
  • In "Story One: Dinner Party", Tyler and Clementine invite Matt and Colleen over for their first dinner party as husband and wife, but it becomes awkward when the hosts start to argue.
  • In "Story Two: Joan's Novel Idea", Joan's young creative writing teacher, Professor Sinclair Wilde takes an interest in her work, but John suspects the professor really has a romantic interest in his wife.
  • In "Story Three: Baby Steps", Lark takes her first steps while Greg is out of town, so Jen tries to hide it from her husband.
  • In "Story Four: Ladies' Night", Dougie comes out as gay to Colleen and Matt, and later has Colleen, Jen and Heather join her at a gay bar to help her pick up a woman for the first time.
28 6 "Boxing Opinion Spider Beard" December 1, 2016 Lesley Wake Webster Jason Winer
  • In "Story One: Boxing", instead of dropping Samantha off at ballet class, John takes her to his gym to box with his trainer, Troy but he gets jealous when she is a natural at boxing and commands all the attention.
  • In "Story Two: Second Opinion", Jen angers Tim after he recommends getting her tonsils removed and she goes to another doctor for a second opinion.
  • In "Story Three: Joan Scares Matt", Joan plays a prank by scaring Matt again with a fake spider, and both Greg and Heather reveal she has enjoyed scaring them in the past. The three then plot to get revenge on their mom.
  • In "Story Four: Jen v. Beard", Jen tries to convince Greg to shave off his recently grown beard, but nothing works until Lark vomits into it and Greg can't wash out the stench.
29 7 "Swim Survivor Zen Talk" December 8, 2016 Joe Cristalli Jude Weng
  • In "Story One: Sink Or Swim", Matt wants to go snorkeling in Hawaii for his and Colleen's honeymoon, but Colleen says she's never learned to swim.
  • In "Story Two: Survivor", John is making a video audition for Survivor with Tim's assistance, but Tim tries to turn it into his own audition.
  • In "Story Three: Zen Jen", Jen tells the group she's taken up meditation, but it's really just an excuse to steal away for 20 minutes of "me" time whenever she needs.
  • In "Story Four: The Talk", Sophia's curiosity about babies inspires Heather to give her "the talk", but afterwards, Sophia can't stop talking about sex, even in inappropriate situations.
30 8 "Window Vanity Dress Grace" December 15, 2016 Greg Malins Helen Hunt
  • In "Story One: Sex Window", Greg gets frustrated when Jen can't stay awake after a romantic date night;
  • In "Story Two: Bonfire of the Vanity", John and Matt attempt to build a vanity for Sophia after John rips up the directions
  • In "Story Three: Dress Rehearsal", when Colleen goes wedding dress shopping with her future in-laws, she must deal with Joan's unfiltered opinions.
  • In "Story Four: Saying Grace", when Clementine feels she's overstaying her welcome at the Hughes house, she starts being extra nice to Tim who takes it the wrong way;
31 9 "TBT: Y2K Sophia Honeymoon Critter" January 5, 2017 Marcos Luevanos Jason Winer
  • In "Story One: #TBT Y2K" (1999): At John and Joan's party celebrating the turn of the century, John convinces everyone present that there will be chaos when the clock strikes midnight.
  • In "Story Two: #TBT Sophia" (2008): Heather and Tim's parenting styles before they had Sophia.
  • In "Story Three: #TBT Honeymoon" (2011): During Jen and Greg's honeymoon, Jen realizes the extent to which Joan is involved in Greg's life.
  • In "Story Four: #TBT Matt's Bottom" (2013): The moment that Greg and Colleen first met.
32 10 "Musical Motel Property Bingo" January 12, 2017 Justin Adler Chad Lowe
  • In "Story One: Sam's School Play", Heather freaks out when Samantha auditions for the high school musical and the director, Julius Black doesn't give her a part.
  • In "Story Two: No Tell Motel", Matt, Greg and Heather suspect Joan is having an affair with Professor Sinclair Wilde.
  • In "Story Three: Tyler and Clementine Can't Even", using 10 brand new credit cards, Tyler and Clementine buy a "tiny house" of their own to live in.
  • In "Story Four: Family Bingo", Jen, Colleen and Tim secretly play "Short Family Bingo" to pass the time during the weekly Sunday brunch.
33 11 "Tailgate Spiral Souvenir Seating" January 19, 2017 Elizabeth Tippet Jim Hensz
  • In "Story One: Tailgating", when Colleen and Matt host the family tailgate party at an L.A. Rams game, they invite former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner to spice up their so far dismal event.
  • In "Story Two: Downward Spiral", Greg wins a chance to participate in a halftime contest involving a football toss.
  • In "Story Three: Sophia's Choice", Tim's in danger of missing the game when Sophia makes him take her to the restroom and they get sidetracked returning to their seats.
  • In "Story Four: Seating Arrangement", Joan and Jen try to sneak into seats closer to the field.
34 12 "Best Waxing Grocery Rental" February 2, 2017 Lesley Wake Webster Jim Hensz
  • In "Story One: Second Best Man", when Greg insists on being Matt's best man at his wedding, Matt is forced to reveal his secret about their plans for eloping.
  • In "Story Two: Splitting Hairs", Colleen refers Jen to her aggressive bikini waxer, Tittianna in order to get a referral discount.
  • In "Story Three: Miss Independent", Joan tries to prove to Heather that Sophia is ready for a little independence.
  • In "Story Four: Clementine Gets A Job", Clementine gets a job at "The Car People" car rental office, leaving Tyler home alone all day.
35 13 "Chef Rescue Negotiator Necklace" February 9, 2017 Barbara Adler Alisa Statman
  • In "Story One: The Personal Chef", when Greg and Jen hire Allie, a private chef, to cook for them on Valentine's Day, the evening isn't as romantic as they had hoped.
  • In "Story Two: Dog Rescue", Matt and Colleen try to adopt a 3-legged dog from Ruth, a judgmental animal advocate.
  • In "Story Three: The Best Valentine's Day Ever", Sophia gets a necklace from a boy for Valentine's Day, to the chagrin of Heather and Tim.
  • In "Story Four: Negotiation", John and Joan attempt to buy a classic car from dealership owner Gavin.
36 14 "Facebook Fish Planner Backstage" February 16, 2017 Brad Copeland Jaffar Mahmood
  • In "Story One: Slow Pokes", John and Joan join Facebook so they can stay connected to the kids.
  • In "Story Two: Derek", Heather manically tries to save Sophia's beloved goldfish, Derek, from dying.
  • In "Story Three: Wedding Plans", Matt and Colleen realize how out of control planning a wedding can get after meeting with their offbeat wedding planner, Ned Gawler.
  • In "Story Four: Backstage", when Tim gets two all-access passes to the Grammy Awards from his rock star patient, Charlie Puth, he brings Samantha along to backstage of the show to impress her.
37 15 "Awkward Bra Automated Ordained" February 23, 2017 Dave Jeser & Matt Silverstein Rebecca Asher
  • In "Story One: Party of Two", a restaurant dinner originally for four gets awkward for Jen and Matt without Greg and Colleen.
  • In "Story Two: Wine Bra", Heather and Tim try to sneak wine into an ice skating show to get out of paying at the venue.
  • In "Story Three: Future House", Lark accidentally locks out Greg and Jen from the house, prompting Greg to have a complicated home automation system installed.
  • In "Story Four: Ordained", when Colleen mentions that she's an ordained minister, John and Joan agree to an impromptu wedding. When Colleen and Matt find out that her $7 online ordination was invalid, they decide to keep it a secret. During the wedding rehearsal, John and Joan decide they prefer living together as partners and they cancel the wedding.
38 16 "Dirtbike Old Mechanic Earthquake" March 9, 2017
  • In "Story One: Trapper Keeper", Greg stirs up an old family feud when he finds money (about $200) he had accused Matt of stealing from him when they were kids.
  • In "Story Two: Something's Wrong With Mom-Mom", Joan takes offense when Heather writes off her forgetfulness as "old age".
  • In "Story Three: Colleen Rattled", Colleen confronts a mechanic, Dabney that she believes is sexist.
  • In "Story Four: Hughes Prepared", Tim has the kids go through an impromptu earthquake drill to see if they could figure out how to get home without money or cell service.
39 17 "Sleepover Dream Light Haze" March 30, 2017
40 18 "Favorite Vision Miguel Matchmaker" April 6, 2017
41 19 "Babysit Argument Invention Butterfly" April 13, 2017
42 20 "Ear Scorn Registry Manuscript" April 27, 2017
43 21 "Late Smuggling Dreambaby Voucher" May 4, 2017
44 22 "Poison Fire Teats Universe" May 11, 2017