Hospital Boudior Time-Out Namaste is the ninth episode in the first season of Life in Pieces which was premiered on November 26, 2015.

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Tim quickly regrets reacting merely amused when Jen offers him as birthday present original lingerie photographs, so he hires Matt return the favor without professional photographer. Greg and Heather's frustration over waiting in hospital line after she stupidly cuts her finger turns around as they enjoying being free from baby-worries. Feeling guilty for having neglected his kids wile a pilot, retired John now smothers them with unwanted attention, but Joan shares an old trick with them. Spoiled brat Sophia grimly resents being confined to her room for using the same wear words as even her elder siblings are allowed, at least now, ignores Tyler's good advice but is quickly bribed.

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  • Jon Daly as Steffan
  • Richard Voigts as Groaning Man
  • Phoebe Neidhardt as Hostess
  • Tamika Simpkins as Nurse

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