Cinderella Fantasy Prom Dougie is the twenty-first episode in the first season of Life in Pieces which was premiered on March 31, 2016.

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Tim thinks wearing a Cinderella dress during March Madness is good luck, so he refuses to take it off in hopes his alma mater will win. Also, Greg fantasizes about what to write in a birthday card for his boss, Tyler goes to prom and must withstand unsolicited advice from his parents and grandparents, and Jen sets Matt up on a blind date with her coworker, Dougie.

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  • Hunter King as Clementine
  • Jerry Lambert as Chase
  • Fortune Feimster as Dougie
  • Meera Rohit Kumbhani as Milly

Notes/Trivia Edit

  • At 17:03 when the bowling scoreboard is shown, Matt's game was not scored correctly. His Total Score of 47 should have been 54. Frame #7 (a spare) should have added 17 instead of 10.

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